Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wind, Colour, Imagination....

When asked what the colour of wind was I immediately thought of the song sung by Vanessa Williams in Pocahontas….’all you’ll own is earth until you can paint with all the colours of the wind’.

This is such a true statement as we are all so focused on earning that salary, buying that sports car or purchasing that piece of land that we forget to use our imagination, to dream the impossible and to strive for something less materialistic. As we grow up we seem to lose our imagination, that part of ourselves that was free to be whoever we felt the urge to be.

What if we were to imagine the wind as being a spectrum of colours, like an artists palette filled with various magical colours? Where would your imagination go if you let it go free, escape the confines of our everyday life?


  1. Why is it that as adults we are taught to be responsible etc to contribute to society in a meaningful way, when companies actually need that competitive edge of innovation in their business?

    Imagination is a rare talent possessed by few adults. May we all live life with the mindset that the wind is a artist’s palette of a spectrum of colours.

  2. So true Tara, we need to start using our imaginations. We need to take time to free our minds and use our creativity in another way.