Sunday, March 14, 2010

Those quilty pleasures...

We all have a few guilty pleasures we indulge in from time to time for various reasons, sometimes we just need that break from reality, from the pressures at work or the people demanding a piece of our precious time. And guys, I’m talking about the innocent pleasures here…not those naughty and sometimes illegal pleasures.

My guilty pleasures are silly things I do which might seem selfish to others, but its those things I do to make me feel special, help me relax or get me motivated for what’s coming next. We all have them and we all enjoy indulging in them, so here are a few of mine I felt like sharing with you…

Taking a nice, long hot bath with bubble bath and smelly salts while enjoying a good novel as I lock myself away in an imaginary world of fictional characters and far away places.

Going shopping for a pair of shoes, that when wearing them I feel gorgeous and successful when I know all too well I don’t really need another pair of shoes. But I just have to have them.

Indulging myself by curling up on the couch, all comfy and cozy with some of my favourite snacks to watch an entire TV series season. You know, one of your favourite programmes you can just get lost in while watching the characters go through trials and celebrations as they entertain you on the screen.

Spending the day on the beach just being a beach bum, soaking up the sun, listening to the people enjoying the outdoors while I just close my eyes and dream of days with no traffic, business calls or problems to solve.

‘Recording’ all my memories in my scrap albums as I organise my pictures in creative and decorative ways for those days when I might need a bit of cheer. Sitting there all locked up in a room with my favourite music keeping me company as I relive some good memories captured on film.

Taking time out at a spa situated on a beautiful estate where all I can hear for miles is the sound of nature while I feel my muscles relax as the therapist unknots all those tightly spun muscles.

Mmm, enjoying a box of decadent chocolates all by myself while savouring the rich and velvet taste of what seems to be close to heaven

Ending a hard and busy day at work relaxing with friends on the lush, green lawns of Blue Peter overlooking the tranquil ocean while enjoying a beautiful sunset as I sip on an ice cold drink, usually non-alcoholic for me, for which I am teased endlessly in the name of fun.

Flowers are such a beautiful gift from nature and every once in a while when I feel I deserve some of that beauty I indulge in buying myself a beautiful bouquet of flowers. If I’m feeling all bright and cheerful I would usually get a big bunch of sunflowers to brighten my desk, or when feeling creative I enjoy admiring a bouquet of pastel coloured Arum lilies, but when I feel I need to be really spoilt I get some of my favourite roses, those beautiful pastel green and pink ones.

These are but just a few of the things I enjoy doing that bring me pleasure while feeling slightly girlish.

What do you indulge in to escape this crazy, clock-watching world of ours?

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  1. I feel so relaxed- I think I will put a link to this blog on my desktop and read it during lunch.