Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's all Topsy-Turvy

I woke up this morning with fish falling from the sky, cows flying past my window and cars driving backwards…this must be a dream, the world is spinning the wrong way around, it’s all topsy-turvy!

What if it wasn’t a bad dream, what if cows really did fly instead of stand in a pasture grazing all day?

What if fish really did fall from the sky instead of swim upstream to where the fisherman is standing patiently waiting for his catch of the day?

What if cars were driving backwards down the streets, past the children on their way to school?

What if this wasn’t a bad dream and the world was topsy-turvy but topsy-turvy was the way the world spun?

Would you go back to bed instead of get up and go face the world? Or would you sit and watch the moon set after a long day at the office? Would you walk sideways like a crab as you make your way down the hallway and would you be crying and frowning at the good news you just received.

Who gets to decide what is normal and what is topsy-turvy?

1 comment:

  1. The waht if's got me thinking, nice blog T. Imagine we did cry or frown when we heard good news, that would not be right. Who really does get to decide whats normal?