Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fear of Living

Daily we all wake up to face another day filled with things we fear, things we dread and things we wish would disappear.

We fear having to face the fact that we are all just humans who are capable of occasionally making mistakes. Having to face our boss terrifies us because it might just mean we have failed at something.

We fear having that cute guy we’ve been eyeing notice the 5 kilograms we are so desperately trying to hide underneath our clothes. We make ourselves believe we are just not good enough, not pretty enough, not fun enough for him to notice us, never mind the fact that he might be thinking the same thing as he works through his own fear of approaching you and the possibility of being rejected.

We fear that small, innocent spider trying to hide in the corner of the room, hoping no one notices him. We fear the snake trying to camouflage himself in the hope we walk right past him. We fear going into small spaces even though logic tells us there is nothing in there that can harm us.

We fear being rejected by our friends for standing up for what we believe in and for sticking to our morals and standards. We fear they will think we are dull, a prude or just not worth their time.

We fear being alone or lonely, we fear getting into a fight with our loved ones; we fear that obstacle that is just beyond our borders of comfort. In short we just learn to fear life, we fear actually going out there and living life.

We fear so many things that we end up fearing the wrong things in life. Instead of fearing the materialistic things in life, we should fear that there will be no tomorrow giving us that opportunity of telling those closest to us just what they mean to us.

We should fear not taking that risk of doing something we never would have dreamt doing, not doing the things we love when given the opportunity to do them. We should fear not making the most of every day given to us.

Instead of being afraid of rejection, walk right up to that guy you have been eyeing and just say a simple ‘hi’, that greeting could just be the opening both of you needed to spend forever together.

Instead of not attempting that climbing wall, why not get out of your comfort zone, put on the harness and climb to new heights, I can guarantee you the view would make it worthwhile but the real prize would be the achievement of overcoming that fear.

Instead of screaming hysterically or squashing that poor spider, rather see it beauty and its purpose for being there. It might just “save” you from that fly irritating you on a hot summer’s afternoon.

Don’t waste your time fearing your friends rejection, instead realize that they don’t see your full worth and don’t deserve another moment of your precious time.

Go out there, face your fears and start living the life you were given and deserve. Don’t waste another moment living in fears shadow.


  1. Great piece Tara, interesting perspective. I love the 5kg's hillarious and so true.

  2. Fear makes us freeze,we settle with what we have and change is scary and anything can happen. We settle as we are afraid.