Monday, March 1, 2010

Walking into Disney...

If I were given the opportunity to walk out of my home and into a story I would like to visit my favourite Disney scenes….

My day would start by waking up to the clear blue skies of the Serengeti while all of the animal kingdom come to welcome me. As a pride of Lions, a family, we would go hunting to provide for the young and old.

After the feast I would go meat my friend Baloo and Bagheera, we would walk through the tropical jungle. Every so often we would meet up with a troop of Monkey’s known as the Bandar-log and enjoy an afternoon of good music and dancing as they entertain us with their antics.

On other days I would usually meet up wit my friend Pinnachio and Geppetto and we enjoy a whale ride until we make it sneeze to let us out. Arial and Flounder have often invited us to join them on one of their many adventures exploring sunken ships and hidden caves. Some of these trips we have come across some great treasures which we have shown to Scuttle, our seagull friend, who helps us identify them.

Arial usually needs to go home mid afternoon and I then visit Pocahontas as she enjoys time scouting the territory surrounding her village, making new friends with the heron and the otters. She taught me to appreciate the earth and all that walks and lives on it, she is even able to paint with the colour of the wind.

My day is then ended with a dinner prepared by Remy and Linguini at Gusteau's while Belle and the Beast perform their signature dance and song, 'Beauty and the Beast' Tarzan and Jane might also pop in to enjoy some dessert with us before we head out to the alley for some Jazz performed by the Alley cats and accompanied by the AristoCats.

What a perfect day this would be...a day spent in Disney!

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