Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Second Head Fake

What exactly is a head fake? To be honest I didn't know either and I had to use google to help me with this one. So here is what I learnt as well as my understanding of the second head fake...

Head fake is a sports term used when a player moves their head to fake a change in direction. This is an effective tool of misdirection which allows you to determine the way in which your opponent could move. When used correctly you are able to manipulate the way in which players react to various situations to best advance yourself on the field.

Another form of a head fake would then naturally be when it is used in the corporate world where we dealwith another form of 'opponent' which could range froma competing company, to suppliers and even clients in some industries. To be successful and to own the majority of the market we need to attempt to manipulate our opponents to follow a certain path while we take on a different path or counter act their movements to ensure they stay at the forefront of our industry.

War, at one stage the biggest "industry" ruling the world, has perfected the head fake, misguiding enemies into strategies to suit the objectives of the opponent. Manipulating was key to survival as you had to predict what your enemy was thinking and then to strategise around that to ensure your men made it to their rendexvous.

Head fakes can be very effective tools when strategising but it can also go horribly wrong and should be used with caution and only when one is sure of which way to point your opponent. So beware you don't head fake yourself right out of your idustry.

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