Sunday, October 31, 2010

the LIST we all keep for a rainy day

None of us know for how long we will be on this earth, but we are all on borrowed time. As we grow older we add things to an invisible list we carry around in our heads, a list of things we would like to do when we get older, when we have time, when we can afford it or when we have someone to share it with. Many people never get to complete the things on their list because we get too caught up in the rat race called life.

When asked to write my bucket list I had to take some time to think about it, to remember the items I have added over time. Once I got going they all just seemed to flow onto the page...

- Do an Advanced Driving course in a sports / formula one vehicle
- Take Ballroom / Modern Dancing classes with my husband
- To climb Table Mountain
- Get to do my first flight / business trip - COMPLETED!
- Visit Disney Land and experience being a child again
- Get to ride on an elephant
- Learn to eat Vegetables again - TRYING!
- Learn the art of Archery - COMPLETED!
- Visit Rome and see the Colisseum
- Pick Cherries at Christmas time - COMPLETED!
- Do a Scuba Diving course and go snorkeling off a tropical beach
- Plan an overseas backpacking trip with friends or a loved one
- Visit Alaska where the sun never sets for 6 months of the year
- Complete my collection of Disney DVD's - ON TRACK!
- Organise my first solo, major event - COMPLETED!
- Meeting my life partner, my best friend and starting our own family
- Do a motorcycle trip, exploring South Africa with only a tent, minimul clothing, camera and toothbrush
- Complete my Peter Rabbit book collection by Beatrix Potter
- Volunteering at a natural disaster i.e. hurricane, tsunami, fire etc
- See an Olympic event such as the Diving, Syncronised swimming etc.
- Swim with Dolphins
- See the Northern Lights
- Enjoy a scenic Microlight flight
- Experience Weightlessness
- See a NBA Basketball game live
- See my favourite artists live in concert - ON TRACK: Seen Celine Dion, Daughtry & Il Divo, Riverdance is up next
- Play Action Cricket and/or Netbal - COMPLETED!
- Forgiving those who have hurt me - ON TRACK!
- Ride a Gondola in Venice
- Do the Disciples Cruise
- See the Pyramids in Egypt
- Watch Turtles hatch and make their way to the ocean
- Learn to Salsa Dance - COMPLETED!
- To learn to love running and complete a 10km race
- Wanted to meet Princes Diana, settled for meeting Prince Harry & Prince William - COMPLETED
- Learn to eat healthy, stay healthy - WORKING ON IT!
- Learn to play golf
- Enjoy my first Helicopter flip over beautiful country - COMPLETED!
- Learn to flyfish - COMPLETED!
- Learn to ski on a visit to Switzerland
- Learn to speak a foreign language
- Go White Water Rafting
- Enjoy a Hot Air Balloon ride over the Serengeti
- Have a snowball fight with friends - COMPLETED!

Making this list I realised how many items I had stored in my head of things I'd like to do before I die. I'm sure this list will grow as I discover new things I'd like to learn, experience or see.
I've made a good start to the list and I'm newly inspired to continue working through my list as I complete my dreams!

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