Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hard Work Made Fun

I have a passion for events, truly enjoy my occupation as I create various scenarios to create awareness and raise much needed funding for the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital.

Those of you who are or have worked in the events industry know that events aren't glamorous but it's hard work, dirty work and often you don't get to event attend or enjoy the event. This is okay with me as my favourite part of events is the conceptualisation and next is the setting up; seeing how a venue can change into your vision, how everything comes together to paint a picture. The hard work doesn't even register as you enjoy a good workout, feeling the accomplishment of making your visualization become a reality.

Working for a charity our budgets are limited so there is no such luxury as hiring additional staff to assist with setting up or the break down, however I have been fortunate with a few colleagues who pull more than their weight as well as a few friends who are working in the same industry who volunteer their time to assist me.

We work as a well oiled machine, having found a "unique" manner in which we prefer to deal with the tired feet, sore bodies and heavy eyelids late at night, once all the guests have left the event and you are left with the clean-up...
It helps that we all are vibrant, quirky individuals who like to make a "fool" of ourselves as we unwind together. But like they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, and these spoke of a thousand laughs.

The lesson learnt here is that hard work can be made fun if you stop complaining, make it interesting, create a game and get the work done.

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