Sunday, August 22, 2010

What I have learnt...

In my 26 years of living, I have had to learn many lessons, some of them very obvious but I needed some reminding, some of them a surprise as I hadn’t even contemplated them and others were hard to learn but I believe I got through it stronger and the wiser for it. I’ve listed a few of these lessons, ones that came to mind and I’m sure many of you can identify with more than just one or two of them.

Tears are a good way to cleanse your soul, rid your body and mind of pent-up emotion, recharge your heart and soul and just shed a few good tears. Ever just watched a movie that made you tear-up, but you felt so good afterwards?

There are people, in this world and in our lives that are going to hurt us, who are going to disappoint and reject us. Do not waste your time on these unfortunate people for they weren’t able to see your worth, they weren’t able to see past their own insecurities, hurts, failures and blindness. Show them respect, love and grace and you’ll be the better person for it.

Counting calories, watching every little grain that passes your lips is tiring, its time consuming and it won’t prevent the weight from settling on your hips. Rather train yourself to eat in moderation, to eat when hungry and not out of habit and to savour what you do eat so that your body will feel and know it is full and satisfied. If you’re a Christian, then feast rather on scripture.

No one, but you, is responsible for your life; no-one is able to dismiss who and what you are unless you allow them to. You are unique, one-of-a-kind and don’t let anyone tell you differently or take that away from you.

Through trials, the ups and downs I have leant that I am stronger than I give myself credit for. I might be able to carry 20+ kg’s with little effort, but I am also strong in principle, I’m strong enough to withstand what is thrown at me and I will survive any hurt I may experience, I can endure what life throws my way.

Letting go does not mean I have given up, it means I have found a way around the obstacle in my way, I have found a way to survive without what I have been yearning and I have changed the course of my life for the better.

No matter how bad life might get, the sun will always rise the following day and it will grant us the opportunity to fix what is wrong, to enjoy what is right and to better what can be improved.

Friends come and go, some of them stay longer than others and some of them form stronger bonds. But each of them have a purpose in our lives; some will share our lives, the ups and the downs while others will be in our lives for a brief period as they bring to our lives what they were meant to. They complete their purpose and leave our lives.
Its trust that when one door closes, another opens! So when it opens, ensure that you are standing ready to step over that threshold and take the bull by its horns. Don’t wait on someone else to push you through the door; it might close before you have taken your opportunity.

“I don’t know” or “I need help” doesn’t make you a coward or an idiot; it means you are human and that you have enough courage to show your vulnerability which in turn makes you brave. People will have respect for individuals who aren’t afraid to be who they are even when face ridicule.

Picking fights are a good way of getting rid of built up tension…however they are draining, hurtful, a huge waste of my time and often end with us having said things we cannot take back.

However, fighting for the things that matter in our life is vital, standing up for what you believe in, for your morals and values, your family and those closest to you. Never back down from what you believe and stand firm against those who oppose you.

Guys will be guys and girls will be girls…this seems simple yet we are forever trying to understand the opposite sex, trying to figure out what’s going on in the others head, mind and heart. Spare yourself the frustration and the agony and just enjoy the fact that we are different and that’s what makes relationships so interesting and intriguing.

That a true friend is someone who knows the worst of you, yet still stick around even when the tough get tougher. True friends can be called upon at anytime of the day and they can be counted on no matter the crises. They will comfort you, support you and listen to you for hours on end, putting their own needs second to yours and ensuring that you will get over what is bothering you.

We are going to experience a certain amount of disappointments, as they are important in our lives, however its how we learn to deal with and overcome them that will determine how ‘successful’ we are in life. Learn to laugh in the face of disappointments and you will survive this life seemingly untouched.

Lastly and most importantly for me, is learning that I'm not in control, I cannot fix everything for everyone and that even when I hurt, even when I'm confused or unsure, happy or sad that God is with me. He is in control, He knows what is best for me and He won't let harm come to me.

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  1. And you have whole lot more years to try and test and add!