Saturday, August 28, 2010

Elephant in the Room - What we don't say out...

We all go through life, interacting with various people…colleagues, friends, strangers and family. We share conversations, debate various topics, argue and share an assortment of information on an ongoing basis. With all the conversations going on daily, many of us have a gigantic elephant following us, filling the spaces we find ourselves in. This elephant holds all we hide from those we interact with, the things we are too afraid to say or the conversations we seem to think are taboo.

Where did we go wrong, who decided which subjects were off the table and when did we stop being open, honest and free to discuss what’s on our minds? I’ll tell you, we did it to ourselves. We judge each other so harshly and we all want to get ahead, therefore we hide information that could help someone else, we hold our cards close to our vests and we manipulate and obscure information.

We feed the elephant that sits in the back of the room when we hide from our true feelings, when we don’t speak up for fear of the reaction we might get. This elephant keeps growing until its so huge that is suffocates us to a point where we no longer know what’s truth and fiction.

Deflate that elephant before you no longer have space, find a way to state what’s on your mind without hurting those around you, learn to be honest in a constructive manner and learn to appreciate your own opinion and mind as you start to live without an elephant in the room.

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