Monday, August 30, 2010

MY 3 F's

There are many things in this life that motivate me; it all depends on where I am in my life and what’s going on around me. At the top of my list of motivators are my three F’s…friends, family and my faith.

I have been blessed with friends who I have come to love as extended family. They have been a support system, accepted me for who I am, encouraged me in my dreams and my life’s goals and stood by me through the trials I have faced. These friends have embraced me and motivated me without casting judgment, never questioning my decisions, but always near with a hand to help, some good advice and many moments of laughter. They all stand right beside me when tackling a new adventure; they share in all the fun in my life and appear in hundreds of photographs capturing our strong bonds.

My family is my base from which I was formed and continue to grow. They are part of who I am and I am part of who they are. We are each others friends and we never leave anyone behind. We stand together through all life’s ups and downs as we tackle life and what it has to offer us. I know my family support me in all that I do, always ready with a congratulatory cheer or comforting hug when needed. They are there to motivate me every step of the way and they love me regardless of whether I achieve my goals or not. I know I’m never alone in this world and that I have some very enthusiastic fans along the road of life dressed in pom-poms cheering me along every step of the way.

At the top of my list is my faith in Jesus Christ. Without my faith I wouldn’t have the friends I have or the relationship I have with my family. I wouldn’t have the peace I have with where my life is heading; I would be filled with worry, with uncertainty and a false sense of security.

My faith has motivated me to ends where nothing else has been able to motivate me!

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