Friday, June 11, 2010

It is Better to Practice a Little than Talk a Lot

We all have that one annoying friend or acquaintance in our lives that likes the sound of their own voice, who enjoys arguing a point just for the sake of arguing. They seem to think they know everything and that they are always right. What they don’t realize is that by talking a lot no one is truly listening, that they are crying wolf and the day will come where they truly need someone to listen and no one will be left.

We all have those friends or colleagues in our lives that are quite observers, who say very little. These are the people to watch cause when they feel the urge to say something you know it is going to be profound and worth listening too. These are the people who observe a situation, gather information, think carefully and then speak only when what they have to say is of any worth to anyone else.

There is a lesson to be learnt by following such individuals, those who talk a little and do a lot. They are the ones who are genuine, who are sincere, who are the thinkers and doers. They are the ones you want on your team for they are great players.

So before spitting out what is on your mind, before you decide you just have to put your 2c worth in there, stop, take a breath and think first. If you are still convinced that your 2c is more of a golden nugget, then share it with whoever will listen.


  1. Flip, this world cup has been great for certain political persons and their own voice.

  2. This is so important in the PR industry, to assess the situation and perception and spitting out your 2c. Which some find it extremely hard to do.