Friday, June 11, 2010

The Anttics of a Feather

So some of you might think I have lost the plot after you read my blog ‘Tribute to Calli’ and yes some of you might be right. But as I said, she wasn’t just a bird that sits in a cage and goes tweet.
So for those of you who are still skeptic I thought I would share some of my favourite pictures of Calli and hopefully I will be able to convert some of you into bird people or at lease people who have an appreciation for birds and understand why some of us are so fanatical about these feathery friends.

Calli spent some weekends with ‘Granny’ when I was on business trips, and oh how she loved those visits. She got to do all sorts of fun stuff like help ‘Granny’ do cross-stitch. She carried cotton around, pulled the needle out and inspected all the stitches to ensure they were all perfect.

‘Granny’ would occasionally send me an sms on how things were going, how Calli was doing. Calli loved a cellphone and even more so when the sms was for me! She would climb onto the phone and push buttons, trying to type a message or add her two cents worth.

And boy oh boy she knew when she was caught being naughty, just look at that attitude and guilty look. How do you punish that face? Like I said, she knew exactly how to wrap you around her little wing and she did it frequently.

When I was home she was always out of her cage, which is a pretty big cage to start with, she spent it playing on her jungle gym or climbing up and down her ladder to the floor. She’d often give me a mild heart attack when she climbed onto my foot or up my pants while I was doing the dishes or cooking. She just loved being with me and we spent most of her time like that.

We became friends, good companions; we had tons of fun and shared some laughter over the funny things she got up to.

She didn’t like her new sister, Skye, but they soon became friends and spent most of their time together. If you ever had the privilege of knowing Calli, you were blessed and you’ve come to have an appreciation for the quality they add to our lives.


  1. I didn't read the words,only looked at the pics. You can't expect me to focus on words when there are 'little ones' on the screen. This is your own fault. Tweak the little monster's tail for me when you get home.

  2. Oh my...she is quite a character. Too cute that she helped to cross-stitch. You right, how does one punish a face like that. Your blog makes me want to go out and get a bird