Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

We all go through life with those little white lies we tell ourselves, some of them are small and some are bigger lies. But in essence the lies we tell ourselves are the worst kind, whether they are small or big, they can potentially cause us stress and anxiety or even a false sense of something.

Some of us lie to ourselves about who we are by allowing ourselves to change so we fit in with a particular crowd. We fear being alone or rejected so instead we try to protect and change ourselves by lying about who we are.

Others lie about their opinions, what they like or don’t like. Instead of standing up for what they believe they decide to keep quiet to avoid being judged. Who cares if you don’t like their kind of music, who cares if you think expensive clothing is a waste of money, who cares if you prefer spending time with family then going out drinking?

We find people lying to themselves about more serious things like the way they look. They tell themselves they are too fat, too skinny, too short or too tall when in fact they are just perfect in so many other ways. Those lies make us eat more, eat less, wear shoes that damage our feet to look taller or cause us to sacrifice a good posture to create the illusion of being shorter.

Some people even lie to themselves about how they are feeling, causing themselves to be sick, to feel ill which means they don’t go to work, other people get tired of hearing about their ailments and in turn just causes them to be seen as hypochondriacs. So when they day comes they truly are sick there is no one around who bothers to care.

There is no benefit in lying to ourselves, it just makes facing the truth even harder and we loose our true selves. So embrace who you are, what you like or dislike, how you look and what you are feeling and just go out there and be an honest you.


  1. I think lying is part of human nature! Scary as that is. We all tell lies at some stage and to some degree. It becomes a problem when people get hurt for stupid reasons.

  2. Well said, I can relate to not being honest to myself and the results are often more damaging. Those white lies are the worse as they can manifest like a wild fire.