Saturday, September 18, 2010

Life, Dreams & Trust

Have you ever thought about life and the people in yours, really thought about it? Who have you let into your life, trusted with your fears, dreams, love and life?At times life comes at us from nowhere, from out of the darkness. At times we can find it hard to face life, we try to erase the shadows crowding us, and when thrown in the deep end we learn to sink or swim. Who do you choose to turn to when life gets too much, when coping becomes a fight for survival, when you feel the need to not be alone? Is it someone you trust, someone wise who will guide you with their love for your? Is it someone who has proven their worth, proven that you can trust them when

things get tough?

When we look at our lives from this angle, we start to wonder who we have let into our lives, who we turn to and who we trust?

Who do you turn to when life gets dark and twisted? We have all had a moment or two (or more) where we have needed that someone we trust, someone who loves us (not talking about spouses here) and will guide us on the right path when we ourselves are not able to. Can that person really be trusted? Some of us have had a someone we trusted with our deepest secrets and have had them misuse that trust…we have all had that person who would guide us but when it comes to crunch time they desert you. I am sure most of you have some tales to tell and some scars to show. We all do.

Choose wisely when choosing the people you let close to you, take note of who you trust with your fears, dreams, love and life. And if you have been used, hurt or burnt, don’t let that influence the way you view society, let yourself heal and learn to trust again because none of us were built to go through life alone! I love that old saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Don’t let the wicket of this world stop you from morphing into a beautiful butterfly – go out there, choose carefully and live life like there is no tomorrow.

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