Saturday, September 18, 2010

Following Simple Instructions

From experience I have come to learn that it is very hard for some to follow instructions. Most of my experience has come from the individuals I share a classroom with while we all work towards obtaining our diplomas and degrees.

Its been quite interesting, funny as well draining and irritating to watch how some just do not take the time or effort to read the instructions. Instead they rely on those around them to spoon feed them – this was “acceptable” during our first year, but being a honours student this should not be allowed. By now we should all have learnt the basic skills of reading a project / assignment brief which clearly outlines the steps that need to be taken as well as what is expected. For some students this is just beyond their competence levels as they portray characteristics of pure laziness, lack of respect and no ambition to reach their full potential.

What will happen to these students when the rest of us decide to not read their instructions for them? Will they grow a spine, get a pair of reading glasses or go back to school to learn their ABC’s?

Why do some struggle with following easy, clear instructions? And why do some of us feed their laziness by doing it for them? Who is more wrong in this scenario?

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