Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The greatest gift I have ever received is the gift of my DNA. God truly blessed me when He chose my parents to be my parents. Growing up I didn’t always feel this way as most teenagers do, but now at the age of 26 and looking back over the years I realise how blessed I truly am.

Some of you might be thinking what on earth is she talking about, some of you might even still feel some “teenage resentment” towards your parents, but you too will grow out of it and realize the gift you have been given. I just hope for those of you still holding a childish grudge against your parents, the rules and boundaries they set or for grounding you that one time which according to you made your life suck that you realize the importance of your parents before time runs out on you. There is no greater loss or regret for a child who has lost his/her parents and even worse is when you left things unsaid.

My parents, Michele and David, are two wonderful individuals who each have a unique set of morals, values, positive attributes as well as some negative characteristics. Yes believe it or not, they are human too and even have some flaws – not that they would always want to admit that to their children, but we’ll let that one slide for now.

I consider myself lucky to have inherited quite a few of their traits, habits, characteristics and flaws which have formed who and what I am fundamentally. Its who they made me, how they raised me, the punishments they gave as well as the encouragement and freedom I got from them that have shaped me into the successful person I am today. Here I am not only talking about my career which has blossomed but I’m talking about me, out there on my ‘own’ tackling this not-so-friendly world we live in and surviving it, its me being the person I am and standing up for what I believe in. I’m out there living the life given to me by my parents, because of my parents and what they have given to me.

The greatest compliment I have ever received was when someone told me I was just like my mom or dad. I could only wish of being half the person or half the parent they are, and if I managed to achieve this I would consider myself a very blessed person.

I am extremely grateful to my parents for the influence they have had on my life, for all the times they put me ahead of them and for all they gave me through the years. My parents have set such a wonderful example to me and my twin sisters.

Thank you for sharing your DNA with me!
Love you always!

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