Monday, April 26, 2010

Wanting a Witness

Recently I had coffee with a good friend whom I hadn’t seen in a while since we live in two different cities. It was such a treat to sit down and chat about life, love and things in general as we enjoyed a cup of coffee. What our little reunion did, was wake us up to the fact that many of us yearn to have that best friend who has your back, who listens to you until three in the morning, cries with you over something silly, a friend who is brave and honest enough to tell you ‘that pants just doesn’t fit anymore’.

Life has just became too focused on winning that rat race that we have lost sight of the small things in life which we should treasure. We take for granted the small blessings in our lives and focus on the big things that we seem to think will truly fulfill us. Who are we kidding?

Today more and more of us just realize that time is passing us by and instead of being out there meeting new people, enjoying a hobby, a sport or spending quality time with friends and family, we are doing one of two things. We are either putting in those extra hours at the office and for what? To make someone else’s company successful? To make them rich while we sacrifice our personal lives? If not at the office, we are at home on the couch, our lazy, comfort zone where we spend most of our time off. We are wasting precious time we cannot get back, it’s lost and we will never have that moment again.

Get out of the office, get off that couch, go out there, meet new friends, do something extraordinary for yourself and start living your life. Life your life so others would want to be part of it, that they would want to witness your life.

If you are one of the lucky few who have found a life-time best friend then I hope you treasure her (or him in some cases). If you have family that love and accept you as you are, with all your faults and quirks, be grateful for them. We all want to find that special person (or persons) who will be a witness to our lives, who is there to share the high and the low notes. We all want our lives to matter, to be remembered for something good, but to do that we need to stop from time to time to take in the small, precious things in life.

Stop the rat race, enjoy life and do it with someone who can be your witness.


  1. I agree- we see friends on tv and in magazines, we need to start living that.

  2. I have a theory which I live by...I would rather have a few good friends than a room full of two faced associates. I am very blessed to have a few best friends who I know have my back.

    In the movie, Shall We Dance, one woman mention that the reason she got married was love and to have a partner to witness her life...the good and the bad. I fully agree. How does one know that you life mattered if no one beared witness to it.