Monday, April 26, 2010

One Hand Clapping Could Uniting a Nation

The sound of one hand clapping, it can be a lonely sound as it echoes into thin air…but one hand clapping could start a nation clapping in unison.

How often do we not say to ourselves, “one person can’t fix that” or “one person can’t change this”. Well no, one person can’t, but if one person started, a second will follow, then a third, then a fourth and so it grows. One candle lights another until an entire room is lit up with beautiful candles. A lonely candle has the power to burn down an entire house. Imagine what one lonely clapping of hands could do in a nation ready and needing to unite.

We need to start clapping our hands, demand to be heard and to be noticed. We all have that something bugging us, chewing us up inside. So make a decision today to change, to start clapping, to start making a difference by taking the lead. Be that lonely candle that fights the breeze, trying to stay alight.

Light draws like-minded people and soon you won’t be a lonely candle anymore. Clap your hands so others may hear what you have to say or take note of what you are trying to achieve. You’ll soon be clapping a song with thousands of others.

The sound of one hand clapping could get a nation united, clapping in unison to fight against the evils of the world. It all starts with one…


  1. The collective is more powerful that the singular, but most times it takes that once person to inspire the collective.

  2. Too true. Take a look at the World Cup...many thought that we would be doomed by the embarrassment of the state of our nation. Yet the World Cup united each and every South African and it all started with that bid to host the 2010 Soccer World Cup.